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Conscious Design

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Creativity is the essence of our work. It is the driving force that powers visual merchandising and interior store design strategies: the tools with which we restructure and develop the concept of your store.

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A fundamental element of Enza Pepe philosophy is that every space, regardless of shape and size, has the potential to become gorgeous. Contact Enza Pepe to find out what it can bring to your project.

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penthouse with sea view

harmony and functional design

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Recycled cardboard

Sustainable furniture

Our recyclable cardboard furniture is cared for and built to suit your tastes and realize your interior furnishing ideas. Unique products of high build quality, born with the aim of being appreciated for life.

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Sustainable furniture

Cardboard furniture and accessories to furnish home, office, commercial spaces and shops.

We believe in creating handcrafted furniture with a sustainable soul. For this we only use the best recyclable cardboard and we make it strong with fine finishes. We want to furnish the world with sustainable furniture elements, so that at the end of their long life cycle they can become a resource for the future of our planet

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Pink Wall


Via Vittorio Veneto, 1 Vittuone -MI- italy


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