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About me

I seek inspiration through the perfect design of nature

I grew up breathing the creativity of the art of those who work with wood. My dad taught me that a limitless potential hides in a piece of raw wood. It is possible to create from scratch works capable of moving and communicating a powerful message. It is thanks to him that I decided to follow my instinct and let my creativity express itself in art, through interior design to recreate spaces capable of narrating the essence of the products and the brand

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About me

Essential designs

Minimalism as a lifestyle. In recent years, I have based my profession on the search for the essential and the revaluation of what it means to 'own'. For someone like me who is a tremendous professional esthete and who loves the linearity of things in visual terms, it's easy. I love order and cleanliness, every object that surrounds me must really be useful. I apply the same concept to the projects I create, trying to create essential, functional spaces but above all in harmony with those who live there.

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