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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Some advice on how you can transform your bathroom in harmony with the laws of nature.


The bathroom according to the art of feng shui is the room of the water element,

that is of cleaning and purification but also of wealth, water being considered in Chinese thought, a symbol of economic prosperity.


Fengh shui recommends locating the bathroom in the northern part of the house, the area affected by the energy of Water. Given the presence in the bathroom of the drains - cause of dispersion of the positive energies of the house.

Fengh shui recommends placing this room away from the kitchen and the main entrance so as not to "pollute" and immediately let the incoming Ch'i flow out. Furthermore, this compartment should not be directly communicating with the bedroom, in order not to disturb the rest.


For fengh shui it is important to separate the different functions of the bathroom: while water is a life-giving element, "charged with positive energy", the drain constitutes a "loss of energy"; from what derives the need to separate the "dirt" area

(the sanitary ware) from the "clean" area (the sinks, the tub, the shower).

The bathroom furniture should then be designed in such a way as to obviate the problem of humidity, that is, it should help keep the environment cool and dry.

It is advisable to use hard and smooth materials such as ceramic or marble that accelerate the flow of energy.

Furthermore, we recommend essential and functional furniture, without having to fill it with furniture and objects, which function is to give a little time dedicated to ourselves.


The lighting should be natural as possible, with large windows that also guarantee frequent air exchange.


The recommended colors for this room are blue and gray, combined with white.

Gray associated with the metal element. Concentration and density.

Grays and whites paired together can give a sense of rest or rigor and discipline.

Blue associated with the element of water. Emotions, fluidity, adaptability.

Energy of emotions and the subconscious

The famous architect Maurizio Spada said that "the bathroom is the place where water meets water as a vivifying and regenerating element, not water to drink but water that washes, cleans, rejuvenates and symbolically purifies .

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