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Brand identity post covid

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We all know how much our habits have changed in during this year involving an approach of consumers who, forced into exile, have increasingly pushed towards online purchases, with devastating economic consequences for small merchants and this must inevitably lead us to reflect.

But is there still a vision and an attitude to get these activities back on track?

The answer is yes!

Surely, with the reopening of the shops, a series of new rules and behaviors that we are all aware of will have to be implemented, but what will make the difference will be the attitude that each trader will have towards what is happening to our economy.

Not only we need to review a whole series of priorities and detailed business analyzes in our store or company, but we need to understand if the choices we are going to make will be in line with our new identity.

This crisis has intimately changed us, shaken us and in a certain way has made all our certainties collapse.

Today, when you reopen the doors of your shop or company, for a moment try to see it as a spectator or as a "typical customer" and simply observe and while you do so, ask yourself if what you are doing is still in line with the world out there that is renewing itself at the speed of light and introducing ever more cutting-edge technologies, which pose inevitable questions.

If the product you offer is still competitive, if your service is an innovative service, but above all how and through what tools you gain your customer loyalty.

This pandemic has led us to reflect on many aspects of our ecosystem and everything that surrounds it, and I refer to an excess of production in every sector. If we try to imagine the countless quantities of unsold goods closed in warehouses and probably forced to end up on the shops at unbearable discounts for the merchant, or even in the hands of stockists by selling off not only the product but deteriorating the image of a brand, only the idea terribly distresses.

The role of the merchant and his local business will inevitably have a completely different approach than yesterday, probably in a not too distant future vision, the shop will only act as a showcase where a real public relations activity will develop inside, presenting to customers the preview of the collections, the news, creating events and inserting one

series of innovative services, thus avoiding filling warehouses with goods and significantly reducing costs but always maintaining the relationship and relationship with your customer, who is your gold mine for you.

Madness? No Future!

As written above, the consumer forced into exile has acquired new habits and different purchasing impulses, which will make it practically impossible for him to return to his pre-covid origins.

E-commerce platforms are expanding like wildfire and the small merchant or small company will fail if it does not adapt to the system;

Of course, not everyone will be able to afford to support a

e-commerce in terms of cost and time, especially with the global pandemic crisis we are facing, and building customer loyalty in an epic moment like this with current tools is difficult.

So how will the trader or company be able to cope with this new wave of changes?

There is a project where every company, merchant or service can become part of a large online community and where the end customer is benefited and rewarded,

a gigantic platform where you can create a new way to enter the market with your own products, with innovative services and payment methods.

A revolutionary project, which will completely change the history of consumerism and the way of living shopping but not only.

Talking about an ethically sustainable vision means precisely this, understanding how and in what way it is possible to create.

a new post covid brand identity of our activities and we will be able to do so only if we are able to have an enlightening and sustainable vision!

The future consists of that part of time that awaits us, and which is closely linked to the present and the past. Everything that the future holds for us is a direct consequence of everything that happened a moment before.

Throughout our life, the future is a concentrate of all our dreams, our goals, our hopes. The challenges and unforeseen events it hold will be harder than we can imagine, but it is necessary to believe in it and never give up.

Contact me now for a free consultation and find out all the details of the strategic services I can offer you to grow your store business.


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