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Setting up shop windows: 5 tips to attract customers

Updated: Jan 24, 2021


Setting up shop windows capable of being engaging means knowing how to take care of one of the most powerful weapons you have in your sales arsenal, to distinguish yourself and capture the attention of passers-by. The showcase is the business card of your shop. This is your chance to highlight the personality of your brand. Therefore, it must be able to overcome the thousand distractions that loom over people, make sure that they cannot avoid being attracted to it and enter your store. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and bring the gaze of passers-by on your products, here are 5 tips to set up original shop windows and increase the business of your business. HOW TO MASTER THE ART OF DESIGNING SHOWCASES The showcase is the first approach that your potential customers have with you. It must highlight your every strength and nothing can be left to chance. So, banish your fears and steal these 5 precious tips to set up perfect shop windows, capable of attracting new customers. # 1 TELL ME A STORY Storytelling is a timeless skill. Stories have an engaging effect, why not use them to your advantage? Pick a trending theme and tell a captivating story. You can attract the attention of passers-by and involve them in the narrative, to evoke in them emotions and feelings that they will forever associate with your brand. This way, they will not only enter your store, but they will also be more willing to buy your products. Therefore, storytelling is a strategic business tool, which also finds a perfect connection in the world of Visual Merchandising. If you have to set up a shop window during the Christmas period, for example, do not focus on the usual and banal synthetic snowflakes. Create empathy with your potential customers, imagine what can stimulate the atmosphere of Christmas in them: sweaters with reindeer, Christmas movies, seen a million times, or endless lunches with the family. You have to try to build a true story in your shop window, which reaches straight to people's hearts. # 2 BE BOLD AND SURPRISE YOUR CLIENTS The attention of people is increasingly sought. By now, it's boiled down to mere seconds, and alas, your buyers will be no exception. Most people will walk past your store while engaged in a conversation with someone else. Or, he may be texting or walking the dog while his head is immersed in the smartphone. So how do you get their attention? Surprise them. Use whimsical shapes and colors, drag them out of the greyness around them and get noticed. If you want to be "seen" do not conform to the market, be original! Remember, however, that your company has an identity to preserve, so try to maintain the consistency that distinguishes your brand. # 3 DESIGN BALANCED SHOWCASES Too many objects, mannequins or clothes, could overwhelm potential customers rather than grab their attention. On the other hand, with all the ideas and examples that could inspire you, it is easy to fall into temptation and get carried away in too chaotic Visual Merchandising. When you have to set up shop windows, you will have small and large objects, dark and light colors, plays of light and shadow, which you will want to combine in the best way. It is important to balance the different elements to create an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. So, do not complicate your life, in this case, more than ever: less is more. # 4 DESIGN SHOWCASES: FIND AND HIGHLIGHT THE FOCAL POINT To catch people's gaze you need to make sure that the window catches their attention. The best way is to place the most captivating and attractive element in the focal point, at eye level, so that it is impossible not to stop and look at it. Let your creativity be free to express itself. Think about the story you have decided to tell, try different configurations of the elements and find a point from which the story is born and develops. Whatever you decide to put in the focal point of your shop window, it should be large enough to catch the attention of the buyer even across the street. # 5 LIGHT UP YOUR SHOWCASE Shop window lighting is a crucial and strategic aspect. Play with the tones of light, make your products stand out and awaken the right mood in people to go in and buy your products. Highlight the focal point you have chosen and use the light to invite the gaze of passersby to rest right there. Finally, check that the work done offers the desired effect. Go out of your shop and look at your shop window: is it visible from several meters away? It catches the attention? Do the lights highlight the points you wanted? If the answer is yes then the work is done for now. But don't forget to update the showcase and its design every month. THE VISUAL MERCHANDISER CAN HELP YOU SET UP SHOWCASES WITH SAFE IMPACT Have you tried to set up your showcase in an innovative way, but still haven't obtained the results you wanted? Put into practice the 5 tips I have suggested and you will see that your windows will have a more effective impact on the flow of people who will enter the store. However, I know that it is not easy to be able to set up shop windows capable of reflecting your intent and attracting the right people to your store. Studying the target is one of the most complex tasks, because it requires emphatic skills, which help you to create showcases that can hit the right points of attention. I've been a Visual Merchandiser for over 20 years and I know how challenging and expensive it can be to stand out from the competition and create truly effective shop windows. I can design and set up shop windows that best reflect the identity of your brand, attract and involve target people, to increase the turnover of your shop. Contact me now and request a free consultation, or look at all the services I can offer you, to enhance your brand and give the impetus you want to your business.

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